Privacy Made Positive®

Gain a competitive advantage through better privacy.

When privacy stops being a compliance exercise and becomes an ethical commitment to earning and retaining the trust of your customers, everyone benefits – as does your bottom line.

Privacy Made Positive®  (PMP) is a manifesto, a research programme and a set of tools to help your organisation profit from improving privacy.

Privacy Made Positive® allows your organisation to go beyond compliance and use privacy and trust as a marketing tool. Read on to learn more about what we discovered about privacy, and how our learnings can help your business to use its approach to privacy to achieve real business advantage.

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  • Attract new business
  • Retain existing customers
  • Tangible return on investment
  • A key differentiator for businesses.
  • Talk about privacy and its role as part of ESG
  • Attract more customers
  • Build your brand
  • Reduce basket abandonment
  • Retain customer loyalty
  • Drive consumer upselling
  • Boost employee retention
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce replacement costs
  • Drive corporate performance

How can your business leverage the benefits of Privacy Made Positive®?

We think that good privacy practice is a competitive advantage and a market differentiator for businesses.

Done well, it will build trust and trust will be repaid in everything from lower talent acquisition costs, through investor valuations to higher net promoter scores. Successfully building trust can act as a differentiator, enabling organisations to establish competitive advantage and deliver real bottom line return on investment.

Transform your bottom line

How Privacy Made Positive® can boost your business.

Our transformational change programme builds on compliance to help you use privacy as a tool for better business practice, building both trust and profitability.

Following good privacy practices delivers quantifiable business benefits. Our focus is on practical operational delivery of effective data privacy for all your stakeholders. We offer the following services which we can provide as stand-alone items or as a full end-to-end package:

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User journey/ Privacy Signalling™

Surface Risk Scoring

Customer survey

Employee survey

Privacy by design

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Research that underpins Privacy Made Positive®

We launched the Privacy Made Positive® initiative in 2020 with the intention of putting hard figures against our thesis that good privacy delivers measurable commercial value.

We have published discrete eBooks as part of our Privacy Made Positive® programme including:

Economic research eBook: The history, impact and economic value behind good privacy practices.

Europe eBook : Customised consumer and employee research across European markets.

US market eBook: Customised consumer and employee research across continental USA.

The findings are of crucial importance to businesses that understand the importance of developing a 360° view of privacy. 

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Economic research eBook

What is the economic value of privacy and ethical behaviour?

  • Privacy and trust
  • Consumer attitudes to privacy
  • The value of data
  • Privacy and demographics
  • Winning, keeping and upselling to customers
  • Hiring, retaining and motivating staff
  • Attracting capital
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European market eBook

Customers and decision making in Europe: How much of a part does privacy play?

  • Consumers are aware
  • Privacy precedes purchasing
  • Privacy adds value
  • Good privacy attracts, poor privacy repels
  • Privacy drives trust
  • Good privacy helps marketing engagement
  • Consumers and their rights
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US market eBook coming in 2023!

US customers and decision making: How much of a part does privacy play?

We have conducted the field research with 3,000 consumers across continental US and are now analysing the results. As with earlier reports, we will publish an eBook with detailed findings and actions businesses should be considering.

In the meantime, look out for our forthcoming webinars where we discuss our research and the implications for consumer-facing businesses?


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Privacy Made Positive® has been developed not only to help businesses protect their employees and operations, but also to make these processes beneficial for their ROI.

And just as businesses need to keep their privacy protocols up-to-date in a changing business landscape, Securys is evolving and developing new research and tools to help them to do this. We invite you to get involved with our privacy research and development work – after all, it’s always to your advantage.


US research is coming soon!

We’re expanding our consumer research to look at the US, where privacy is a complex topic. Results expected in early 2023.


Employees care about privacy

Why privacy matters to the hiring, retaining and motivating of staff.


Privacy in the US: Consumer attitudes to privacy webinar

Join our webinar to gain insight into privacy in the US and discover more about the research we conducted with US consumers.

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