Get involved and reap the rewards for your business

Get involved and reap the rewards for your business

From participating in our projects and studies, to simply downloading our research – there are many ways to get involved with our privacy research and development work.

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Why maketeers need to see privacy through a different lens

It is our belief that organisations that invest in better privacy practices will more than reap the benefits.


Is privacy the next great brand differentiator?

We identify six reasons why we feel privacy should be seen as a valuable brand differentiator.


Employees care about privacy

Why privacy matters to the hiring, retaining and motivating of staff.


Privacy in the US: initial results

Why not join us at our forthcoming webinar when we will provide a sneak peek of the initial results.


US research coming soon!

In 2022 we’re expanding our consumer research to look at the US, where privacy is a complex topic.

Research results

NEW! Webinar recording

Privacy sells: The value US consumers place on privacy.

Our expert panel considers the importance of privacy to US consumers

Webinar recording

Evidence that better privacy delivers enterprise value

Hosted by the IAPP and focusing on the research results, we show how privacy adds value to every part of your organisation.

Webinar recording

Measuring the impact

Probing the results of the Privacy Made Positive® research, we uncover the economic value of good employee privacy.

Webinar recording

Consumers act on privacy

Our expert panel considers why privacy is a positive value and demonstrates why investing in privacy delivers a measurable return.


Enterprise Insight

ESG is not just a hashtag

Why data privacy is an increasingly important aspect of governance.

Enterprise Insight

The value of trust

Trust is the rock on which brands are built. What role should privacy play in trust-building?

Enterprise Services

Delivering privacy as a competitive advantage

Following good privacy practices delivers quantifiable business benefits.

Enterprise Insight

Privacy is a positive value

Investing in privacy will deliver a measurable return, not just in reputation protection and avoidance of fines, but in increased sales and profits.

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