Profiting from privacy: everyone benefits

When the privacy needs of employees, suppliers, shareholders and collaborators are addressed – not only customers and prospects – trust grows, which leads to better business outcomes for all.

Whatever your industry, department or position, good privacy delivers

Enterprises have many kinds of data subjects, not just customers and prospects, but employees, suppliers, shareholders, and collaborators. When the privacy needs of all the members of this network are looked after, trust grows. And trust fosters better business outcomes for all.

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General benefits of a good privacy policy

  • Attract new business
  • Retain existing customers
  • Tangible return on investment
  • A key differentiator for businesses
  • Importance of privacy as key part of ESG

Why CMOs are investing in better privacy

“Marketers anticipate that more customers will emphasize trusting relationships (40.2% increase).”
– The CMO Survey, Deloitte 2020

Certainly, a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has a lot in their daily inbox. But they overlook privacy issues at their peril – the brand can suffer; they risk alienating privacy-conscious consumers and they jeopardise revenue: we know consumers will abandon their baskets if they feel the company is not looking after their data.

Moving from a reactionary stance that sees privacy as a chore to one that not only anticipates customers’ needs but also adds value to the business is a win win. A strong privacy policy will help to grow the brand, increase customer loyalty and build stronger revenue.

Here are some of the reasons CMOs are choosing to pay close attention to privacy:

  • Privacy is valued, particularly by the young;
  • Ethics are increasingly an important component of brand;
  • Trust is an important - and growing component of brand;
  • Consumers actively include privacy in their buying decisions;
  • All this applies not just to B2C markets, but to B2B markets too.

The role privacy plays in attracting capital

There is plenty of evidence to support our thesis that organisations with visibly good privacy outperform those without. Data privacy used for employee retention helps reduce staff costs, and investors seek out organisations with a focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), including privacy. In short, privacy is a material contributor to your brand.


Privacy, ethics and ESG

Interest in, and concern with, the range of issues encapsulated in the term 'ESG' (Environment, Social and Governance) are continuing to increase throughout the developed world and beyond. Data privacy and ethics are a growing component. E,S and G are increasingly affecting decision-making across society and business - and this seems set to continue. This is not a fad.

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ESG and performance

Firms with good ESG practices rate higher, grow faster, and outperform. Research has shown that the world's most ethical companies have long outperformed financially. Three quarters of investors are already factoring ESG to some extent at least into their investment processes. 

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Privacy and ROI

Privacy plays a measurable role  in attracting capital. Not only are returns on privacy spends positive, they are significantly so, often yielding return on investments (ROIs) of over 100%. Conversely too, getting data privacy wrong can be costly and in some instances confer advantage on close competitors.

To discover more about what our research revealed, download ebook 1.

How we’ll work with you: Privacy Made Practical®

About Securys

About Securys

Securys is a specialist data privacy consultancy that operates in over 50 markets globally, working with some of the largest firms in their sectors. We bring global experience of data privacy and information security assessment and remediation from multiple sectors and perspectives.

We’re corporate members of the IAPP and our privacy and information security management framework is certified by BSI to comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 27701.

Our approach is strategic, risk-driven, forward-looking, positive and practical.

Your Privacy Engine Room

Your Privacy Engine Room

We’re not just a consultancy. We’re your privacy engine room. We can stand in your boardroom and do strategy with the best of them, and work with your compliance teams to solve knotty problems. We can audit your compliance and deliver drillable risk dashboards across the organisation. But above all, we can get involved at ground level and help your frontline teams get the job done. That’s Privacy Made Practical®.

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