Boost your business with Privacy Made Positive™

Boost your business with Privacy Made Positive®

Following good privacy practices shouldn’t only be a box-ticking exercise – it can deliver quantifiable business benefits. We have the tools to help.

Developing a good privacy framework is vital for businesses.

That’s why we’ve created a practical programme that delivers effective data privacy for all your stakeholders. Our research demonstrates that privacy is an important decision-making criterion for both consumers and employees alike. Privacy Made Positive® builds on compliance to help you leverage privacy as a competitive advantage – both through changes in practices and through Privacy Signaling™.

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Toolkit benefits

  • Developed by privacy experts
  • Relevant to full circle of stakeholders
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Incorporates benchmarking tool
  • Thorough and detailed
  • Includes Securys unique Privacy Signalling™ tool

A market differentiator: your Privacy Made Positive® tools

Good privacy can be a real point of difference with your competitors. Choose from the services below – you can engage them as a full end-to-end package or stand-alone components.


We will work with you to provide a range of benchmarking assessments. We use a blend of visible compliance metrics to help your organisation identify opportunities to improve your competitive position on privacy, and to provide a reference baseline to measure improvements in the future.

User journey/Privacy Signalling®

We will work through your user journeys via your website or apps and compare this with industry best practice. We will make suggestions for improvements at each stage, based on our Privacy Made Positive® research findings and our experience with other clients.

Surface Risk Scoring

This process is designed to ascertain the risk rating of your business. We look at various factors including types of data, scale, international transfers, and age of records. This helps you prioritise improvements that will maximise the value of your privacy programme and accelerate trust building across all stakeholders.

Customer survey

This survey will help you understand how your customers and prospects perceive your organisation from the perspective of privacy. The research will help you understand where you can best deploy resources to gain a competitive advantage by building trust with customers.

Employee survey

Using our research as a point of reference, we will work with you to conduct an employee study to help you understand how employees perceive your privacy practices. This will contribute towards a programme that builds greater trust, and helps you to attract, retain and motivate staff.

Privacy by design

Adopting a trust-building approach to privacy means not just changing your current practices and engaging in Privacy Signalling®. You also have to ensure that privacy is at the heart of your innovation and change programme. Our Privacy by Design programme supports you throughout the innovation and evolution process.

Additional training and guidance

We know that privacy modelling is a continuous process.

After our initial privacy auditing work with your company, we will continue to support the ongoing review of your privacy model. We’ll ensure you have resources in place to carry on benchmarking work, and that the make-up of the team is optimized – during 3-5 one-to-one sessions. As part of the process of continuous improvement, we will run an in-depth Privacy by Design workshop sharing best practice and providing feedback on the current model and recommendations for remediation.

Additional training and guidance

A specialist data privacy consultancy with a difference

About Securys

About Securys

Securys is a specialist data privacy consultancy that operates in over 40 markets globally, working with some of the largest firms in their sectors. We bring global experience of data privacy and information security assessment and remediation from multiple sectors and perspectives. 

We’re corporate members of the IAPP and our privacy and information security management framework is certified by BSI to comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 27701.

Our approach is strategic, risk-driven, forward-looking, positive and practical.

Your privacy engine room

Your privacy engine room

We’re not just a consultancy. We’re your privacy engine room. We can stand in your boardroom and do strategy with the best of them, and work with your compliance teams to solve knotty problems. We can audit your compliance and deliver drillable risk dashboards across the organisation. But above all, we can get involved at ground level and help your frontline teams get the job done. That’s Privacy Made Practical™.

Research Results:
Privacy Made Positive®

Phase 1

What is the economic value of privacy and ethical behaviour?

In 2020 we commissioned a study of the existing literature to see what had already been learned about the economic value of privacy and ethical behaviour. We found that ethical companies that treat their customers and employees with respect and take their responsibilities seriously outperform their peers, and that privacy is a material contributor to your brand.

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Phase 2

Customers and decision making: How much of a part does privacy play?

In 2021 we conducted consumer research in GB, Ireland, France and Germany to ask people how their interaction with brands and their purchasing behaviour is affected by privacy. We found that almost everyone considers privacy as part of their purchase decision making, and that more than two-thirds of people have selected products or services on the basis of good privacy, chosen not to proceed with a purchase because of concerns about privacy or stopped buying a brand because of its privacy practices.

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Get up to speed on privacy


Employees care about privacy

Why privacy matters to the hiring, retaining and motivating staff.

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