US market: Consumer attitudes to privacy. Webinar coming soon!


We’ve recently expanded our consumer research to look at the US, where privacy is a complex topic.

In late 2022, we completed our research of over 3,000 US consumers and we are now busy analysing the results.

We're planning a webinar to provide insight into the research we recently conducted with Kantar across each state in the US. We will use this webinar to consider the questions we put to US consumers to investigate consumer attitudes to privacy and what our findings might mean for organisations that target US consumers.

We'll announce more details soon.

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Our latest research in the US polled 3,000 consumers to seek their views on privacy, how privacy impacts brand trust and buying behaviour.

The 2021 research results showed that 70% of consumers in GB, France and Ireland will not buy from a supplier if they are concerned about their privacy behaviour.