US market: research results coming soon

We're expanding our research into the US! Initial results expected in early September.

In 2022 we’re expanding our consumer research to look at the US, where privacy is a complex topic. There’s no single federal privacy law akin to the GDPR, but there is a web of federal and state laws that touch on privacy and, more importantly, there’s perhaps the purest competitive market in the world.

We think our research will show that consumers and employees in the US care more about privacy than slow legislative progress suggests, and that they act on those concerns with their pocket-books and job applications.

Alongside the research, we’ve developed a comprehensive product offering that implements Privacy Made Positive® across the enterprise.

We help you identify and prioritise risks and opportunities, survey your customers and staff to understand their view of your trustworthiness, benchmark your privacy practice against your peers, assess your user and employee journeys and help you transform them, work with you on Privacy Signalling™ – leveraging your privacy investment as a marketing tool – and embed positive privacy into your future with privacy by design.

We're expecting initial results back in early September. If you'd be interested to hear more, sign up to our webinar or follow us on LinkedIn where we will provide regular updates.