Consumers act on privacy

In this webinar, our expert panel considered why privacy is a positive value, looking at how privacy has affected consumer purchasing behaviour and why investing in privacy delivers a measurable return.

The panel was chaired by Benn Rapp, Founder and Principal at Securys. Fellow panel members included Lisa Hartman, Legal Counsel at Shopify, John Llewellyn Co-Founder, and Preston Llewellyn Managing Partner of Llewellyn Consulting (Independent Economics) and Romain Gauthier, Chief Executive Founder of Didomi, the consent management platform.

As part of the panel discussion, our experts considered the results from our Privacy Made Positive® research conducted across 4,000 consumers in Europe in 2021. This research looked specifically at consumers in Great Britain, France, Ireland and Germany and asked them how they responded to privacy and how this influenced their buying behaviour.

This research revealed some stark results that proved the commercial imperative behind good privacy. Highlights from the results included the following; across Europe, more than 70% of consumers are worried about privacy, identity theft topped consumer concerns, 60% actively seek for good privacy over price and more than half have stopped buying a product of service because of poor privacy.